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Flax planted on 55.6% of designated area in Belarus


Flax has been sown on 55.6% of the designated area in Belarus, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

Spring crops were sown on 809,900 hectares, which is 34.2% of the plan. Early spring grain and leguminous crops (excluding maize, buckwheat and millet) were planted on an area of 534,800 hectares, which is 86.9% of the plan.

Spring rapeseed was planted on an area of 11,420 hectares, which is 18.5% of the target. Sugar beet was planted on 66,500 hectares (64.4%), maize on 55,000 hectares (4.49%), potatoes on 900 hectares (5.39%), vegetables on 940 hectares (18.6%).

Annual grasses were planted on 98,400 hectares, which is 44.8% of the plan. Flax was sown on an area of 27,500 hectares, which is 55.6% of the plan.

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