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Nearly 84% of grasses harvested in Belarus


Some 83.7% of grasses have been harvested in Belarus, BelTA learned from the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 30 May, first grass was cut on the area of 581,600 hectares, which is 41.4% of the plan. All in all, 83.7% of grasses were harvested from the area of 486,700 hectares. Belarus harvested 28,800 tonnes of hay (4.11%), 2,618,000 tonnes of haylage (19.7%) and 180,400 tonnes of silage (0.88%). There are plans to harvest 9.8 million tonnes of grass fodder this year; at the moment 8% of the plan has been harvested.

Overseeding of perennial grasses was done on the area of 227,600 hectares (93.2% of the plan).
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