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Dear visitors of the official website of the Petrikovsky District Executive Committee!

Petrikovshchyna is an amazingly picturesque corner of the Belarusian Polesie. Surrounded by rivers, shrouded in blue mists, it will forever remain in the memory of those who once visited here.

The strongest impression is left by people: modest, tireless workers, kind and hospitable, who unite good aspirations and faith in a better life. New facilities and residential buildings are being built by their hands. Petrikov residents raise children, grow bread, write poetry and music, sing songs, and honor their rich history.

Much is being done in the district to increase the production of industrial and agricultural products, consumer goods and services to the population. And this once again confirms that they know how to work here.

Many historical events took place on the Petrikov land, people who glorified Belarus grew up here. Five natives of the district were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. These are Malyshev Fedor Alekseevich, Sambuk Ivan Eliseevich, Stepuk Semyon Efimovich, Lipunov Alexander Yakovlevich, Danilitsky Anton Petrovich. King G.Ya. and Motuz V.I. became full holders of the Orders of Glory.

The Heroes of Socialist Labor Budnik Anna Ivanovna, Gorbach Philip Semenovich, Rudavsky Alexander Semenovich, Sitnitsa Ivan Vasilyevich, honored workers Lapeto Maria Petrovna, Nester Glafira Trofimovna, Potter Grigory Fedorovich, Telyukova Ksenia Fedorovna, Prikhno Ivan Ivanovich, Mushroom Jadwiga Petrovna, Vasilevskaya Nina have worked fruitfully for more than a dozen years in various sectors of the national economy.

Welcome to our region!

With respect,
Chairman of the Petrikovsky district Executive Committee - !