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The region totals 95 cultural establishments: 19 rural palaces of culture, 20 rural clubs, 44 libraries, a musical school and 3 arts schools, a regional Palace of Culture.

Some 11 amateur art groups have “national” and “exemplary” statuses. Among them Spadchyna, the dance and song company Liavonikha, the company of folk song Kupalinka, the women chamber chorus, an exemplary children’s dance company Verasok, a people’s vocal company Nadzeya. 

The region’s libraries number 444,003 books. Periodicals include 72,988 newspapers and journals.

Musical and arts schools cover 574 students majoring in bayan, accordion, dulcimer, domra, violin, wind instruments, choreography, guitar, piano, choral conducting. Students take an active part in republican, oblast festivals and contests. In 2005 the women chamber chorus won at the 13th international festival on sacred music Magutny Bozha, its head Ella Semenova was awarded the diploma Best Conductor of the Festival.