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The department on labor and social security of the Petrikov regional executive committee has registered 13,664 receivers of pensions and allowances including 2,295 participants of the Great Patriotic War, 3 people, who worked in the blockade Leningrad, 890 prisoners of concentration camps, 15 disabled veterans, 54 awarded with orders and medals for labour and military service during the Great Patriotic War, 8 politically repressed, 101 participants of the liquidation of Chernobyl consequences, 52 Chernobyl disabled and 9 receivers of pensions for special services to the Republic of Belarus.

The region numbers 397 large families including 42 families with five and more children, 89 one-parent families, 124 families with disabled children, 4,060 lonely people and 7 people over 100 years old.

Some 39 mothers with many children were awarded the Order of the Mother of the Republic of Belarus.