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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Petrikov District Executive Committee would like to present promising investment projects that might open new exciting opportunities for your business.

We invite all potential investors and business people to participate. We will really appreciate if you inform us about your decision.


Head of the economy department of the Petrikov District Executive Committee Yelena Leonchik

8(023 50) 5 22 17, mobile 8(029) 687 15 65

Investment Proposal No. 1

Setting up a brick production facility in Petrikov District

Investment Proposal No. 2

Starting production of rotary mowers in Petrikov District

Investment Proposal No. 3

Setting up a facility to bottle mineral and potable water in Petrikov District

Investment Proposal No. 4

Upgrade of a hotel in Petrikov


- An administrative and residential building and a garage of the district veterinary station;
- A building of the extracurricular activities center

Land Plots:

Lunacharskogo Street, Petrikov;
A area near the Belanovichi village, Petrikov District;
Gagarina Street (town park), Petrikov;
Koroleva Street (passport No. 4), Petrikov;
Severny residential neighborhood (passport No. 5), Petrikov.